Hello from FridgeCat Software.
We are an independent studio following our dream of making games that inspire joy.


Games for All Ages


Four Days: World Defense

Challenging 3D tower defense on your mobile device. Save the world in your spare time.

aTilt 3D Labyrinth

The classic game of skill brilliantly rendered in your hands. Tilt your way to victory!


A social game of creative categorization. Can you outsmart your friends?

Gumdrop Bridge

Physics-based bridge building for those looking to challenge themselves on the go.


Games for Children


Animated Toddler Puzzles: Fish

Watch your child practice their motor skills while being entertained by colorful fish and sea animals.

Animated Toddler Puzzles: Cars

Monster trucks, race cars, and more! Delightful puzzles for the budding motorhead.

Animated Toddler Puzzles: Animals

Put a smile on your toddler’s face with the silly farm creatures that star in these puzzles.

Puzzle Town: Teach Toddlers Shapes

A friendly colorful village filled with welcoming locals and fun puzzles for your child!