Our new site and the return of Four Days
30 Jul 2014

Our new site and the return of Four Days

30 Jul 2014

It’s been in the works for a long time, but our new site is finally up and running.

Now that we have a convenient place to share our thoughts, we’re planning to post regular updates on the progress of our new games and other musings about the gaming business and our portion of it.

Four Days expansion coming soon

In that vein, I’m happy to say that the expansion to Four Days: World Defense is coming along very well, with new levels, enemies and special towers in the pipeline.

Most of the new gameplay is planned out and we’re now in the process of adding in new standard enemies and titans. Our next blog post will feature images and video of the bad guys in action. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified whenever we make new posts – there’s a lot more Four Days information to come!

Some backstory

If you are a fan of Four Days, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been a while since the game has been updated. We created Four Days as a full-time two man project, but after its initial release circumstances caused me to seek full-time employment elsewhere, leaving only one of us able to devote significant time to FridgeCat. The scope of a Four Days expansion was simply too large for our resources at that point.

The good news is that we are both once again completely focused on FridgeCat and excited to deliver not just new content for Four Days, but many awesome projects in the future. Gaming technology has come a long way in just the last two years, and we can’t wait to incorporate the advances into our work.

Most importantly

We really appreciate the support that many people have offered since we started FridgeCat Software. The positive reviews, emails and Facebook posts are incredibly encouraging, and it is truly a dream come true to be able to financially support ourselves thanks to you buying and playing our games.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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