04 Sep 2014

A preview of new enemies in Four Days

04 Sep 2014

Hello Four Days fans! This week, we’re coming to you with some images of a few of the new foes in action, along with short descriptions of how you can expect each to make your life a little more difficult.

More dangerous than a puffy shirt

Puffers travel in packs and become larger, tougher and uglier as they take damage. I suppose that last one is subjective, but the others are definitely true.

Don’t try this at home

Spitters shoot globs of goo that make the invaders around them move more quickly for a short burst. It’s a strange strategy, but it seems to work for them.

Not the nice kind of butterfly

A new entry in the invaders’ fleet, Butterflies float overhead periodically healing their comrades below them. Destroy them quickly to avoid being overwhelmed!

(The invaders also sent moths, but they got distracted by the sun. No excuse for losing to these guys, folks.)

Last but not least

The Colossus is a massive Titan who lurches through the map, periodically hunkering down to heal nearby invaders. The damage he takes is greatly reduced while immobile, so towers with a slow attack rate may be less effective against him.

More to come

Next week, we’ll dig into some of the specifics of the damage values for the towers in Four Days, along with the impact various upgrades have on them.

There are also still other new invaders beyond those introduced here. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified when we post more about them and other topics.

Thanks for reading!

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